Top Remodeling Trends for 2023

Kitchen with skylights and great natural light

2023 is here and you’re ready to plan your next remodel and bring your home up to date. Here are some of the latest trends for your bathroom, kitchen, and additional trends beyond those rooms. Some of these trends have been around years and years, while others are new and different.


2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

As the years go by, the desire for a spa-like bathroom doesn’t change. In fact, as technology advances, more and more options become available to homeowners to create a luxury bathroom. Steam showers are gaining more popularity. Steam showers are generally standalone units that create a humid environment with hot, soothing steam. The heat and steam are thought to enlarge your blood vessels and lower your blood pressure by allowing your blood to circulate faster and easier. Many believe these health benefits improve your overall health benefits.

Many spas have in-floor radiant heating, and many homeowners are asking for this luxury feature in their Lansing-area bathroom remodels. Heated floors can actually be cost- and energy-efficient as well because you won’t have to crank up your heat to ensure your tile floor isn’t cold on your feet.

In terms of colors and finishes, 2023 is bringing nature inside in a big way. While bringing the outdoors in has been a big trend over the last few years, especially as people have been cooped up inside more, the trend is heating up. Adding skylights or light tunnels to your bathroom flood the room with natural light and transform dark or windowless bathrooms into bright and airy spaces. Besides natural light, natural wood adds luxury and elegance to any bathroom, especially when combined with an overall white color palette with pops of calming colors. Natural wood, particularly in light colors and finishes, add warmth to any bathroom while helping keep things modern and airy.

2023 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Natural light is always in style and brightens up any kitchen. Just like in the bathroom, skylights and light tunnels will bathe your kitchen in sunlight. During your kitchen remodel, consider adding a new door wall or retractable glass wall to combine indoor and outdoor spaces even more. At the same time, open more wall space to include additional windows and natural light to flow in.

Because adding windows to a wall might eliminate some cabinets, consider adding a kitchen island…or two. That’s right, one of this year’s hot trends is the double kitchen island. If one island brings you more storage and prep space, consider how much a second island would bring. Whether you add a second island or stick with one, making that island multifunctional is trending up this year. Save space by installing a dishwasher, sink, trash pullout, and more in your island. Of course, because the island is the gathering place everyone gravitates to in your kitchen, adding a large seating are to your island helps bring the family together. A quick note, you may need to enlarge your kitchen to create the additional space for two islands or even a larger island.  This may mean a kitchen addition or expanding the kitchen into adjacent spaces.

Just because your house may not be a palatial estate doesn’t mean it can’t have a feature from long ago that’s making a big comeback…a butler’s pantry. Long thought of as a kitchen space reserved for the wealthy and their help, the butler’s pantry offers today’s homeowner a place that improvs entertaining friends and family. Who couldn’t use increased storage, maybe an additional sink, a place for your wine fridge and liquor, or even a place to stow dirty dishes until the party is completely over. Butler’s pantries also offer up an additional location for preparation and storage. The extra workspace gives you more room to prep food or to layout an incredible buffet of food for your guests.

Stylistically, expect bold colors and wild veining in marble, granite, and quartz countertops. Also, butcher block is making a big comeback as a countertop choice. This natural wood look combined with a bold color cabinet sets off any kitchen. Bolder, statement tile will make its way into backsplashes and gold or bronze fixtures will replace standard chrome and black.

Additional 2023 Trends

Beyond the bathroom and kitchen, there are many other trends coming in 2023. Although many companies are requiring their workers to come back into the office again, many more realized that workers that enjoy their work environment (meaning their homes), the better their work quality is. With that, customers are requesting additions that contain dedicate home offices that give them a more comfortable and functional workspace.

There has also been a trend of sheds and garages being converted into home office spaces and additional living spaces. Often known as an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, these additional structures are located on the same parcel of land as the primary dwelling structure and can either be detached or an expansive addition to a home or garage. ADUs cannot only add an office space away from the rest of the family, but also allow you to add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, living space, and even a kitchen so that someone could even live in it. ADUs make perfect places for aging parents to live safely, or for adult children to return home and live separately from you (yet still eat all of your food).

With people spending more time at home over the last few years, outdoor living exploded. Renovations will go outside more this year, as people look to maximize all livable space, indoors and out. From outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas to incredible decks and patios, K. Fedewa Builders has you covered. As with the kitchen, bold colors will make their way to outdoor living as couches, pillows, rugs and more become brighter and far different than what you’re used to.

At K. Fedewa Builders, our designers take you and your style into account when designing your remodel, not just trendy styles. Use the trends above as a guide if you’d like, but let the experts at K. Fedewa Builders truly make your house an extension of you. Call us at 517-388-6123 or visit our website at, and let us bring your home into 2023.


Article by David Glaeser