K. Fedewa Builders Design Build Process



On Site Consultation

Assuming that both K. Fedewa Builders and the prospective client are satisfied with the mutual qualification process above, K. Fedewa Builders will schedule an on-site consult with a project developer to meet with the client. This meeting requires the participation of all decision makers/stakeholders in the project/process. This may include partner, spouse, significant other, maybe even a parent or relative who may be moving into the home or contributing to the cost of the project and thus the decision making process. 

At this meeting we will look at the site and the spaces and capture the latest information on what the client desires or envisions. We may take a few photographs for reference. We will continue the discussion about budget and may be able to ball-park the project price or a cost range at that time, and we also may refer to some published guidelines of typical project costs or to similar projects that we have performed. We can answer questions about our process or capabilities.  

We will discuss financing requirements, as well as K. Fedewa Builders policies with approving lenders and how we can assist with referring K. Fedewa Builders approved lenders and creating documents for determining appraisals, etc. If there are major options that need to be considered or if there are desired ‘phases’ of the project that the client may like to consider, we will discuss what makes sense from our perspective and capture that information.  We will discuss our current schedule and backlog and may be able to preliminarily identify a target start date.

We cannot provide an accurate final price to produce the project until our Design Agreement (DA) phase is completed (please keep reading and we promise we will get to that in exceptional detail).

At the conclusion of this meeting, the client will be asked if they would like to proceed with a DA, which would take the project from ‘Concept’ to a construction contract, with the scope of work and all finishes and project pricing clearly determined prior to beginning the work. In other words the DA process allows us to completely plan the project up front, prior to commencement, in order to efficiently execute the work and guarantee pricing for the client without surprises.

If the client would like to proceed with the DA, the project developer will take the project information back to the team at K. Fedewa Builders for review. The K. Fedewa Builders' time required in order to complete the DA will be estimated and a proposal will be created. The fee associated with the DA is based on the estimated time for K. Fedewa Builders to complete the scope of work in the proposal at an hourly rate. 

The fee will vary from project to project, however there is a minimum fee of $1000 and a realistic estimate of the fee is 4% of the total project cost or budget. The Fee is non-refundable, however, if the entire amount is not consumed on the K. Fedewa Builders hourly rate basis, we will apply the remainder to the balance of the construction contract.

We understand that the client may be interviewing other builders, and we are not in the business of hounding or pressuring our prospects. Should we not hear from the client prospect within a reasonable amount of time after this meeting, we will follow up to ask for client permission to close their file and to remove them from our follow up list, or ask the client to propose a tangible follow up scenario that will conclude in a decision to either proceed or not proceed with an K. Fedewa Builders Design Agreement.



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