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Terms of Service & Mutual expectations

Included in our Design Agreement is also additional information for your reference and understanding. We try to set and thoroughly review mutual expectations in anticipation of the Construction phase of the project.

  • Generally speaking, K. Fedewa Builders needs to be in control of the construction process in order to be accountable for completing and standing behind our work. This is the responsibility of the K. Fedewa Builders Project Manager with assistance from our production team. This means that K. Fedewa Builders is going to be completely responsible for obtaining permits and facilitating all required inspections and managing all interactions with building or other government officials. K. Fedewa Builders will be responsible for daily cleanup and maintaining a safe worksite and for a detailed final cleanup of the work area(s) at the substantial completion of work. K. Fedewa Builders will be responsible for providing all materials, for providing all labor and for coordinating and scheduling all purchases, deliveries and installation of all labor and materials for the duration of the project. We will also ensure that all workers on site are properly licensed and insured. Any exceptions to this will be agreed to by both parties in writing as part of the construction contract and scope of work and prior to any work being performed.
  • Client agrees to:
    • To make any remaining or necessary decisions in a timely manner to not cause a delay in the construction schedule
    • To provide access to the worksite during reasonable and typical construction work hours during the duration of the project
    • To make payments per the terms of the contract or as required by change orders during the execution of the contract
    • To direct all questions or comments to K. Fedewa Builders project manager and to not question, direct, interfere with, or interrupt the work of workers, public officials or vendors on the site
    • Client further agrees to direct all inquiries for additional work to the K. Fedewa Builders Project Manager and not to solicit additional work from workers on site
  • We will review the Final Payment and Warranty guidelines. The final payment is due and the warranty period will begin when the project is “substantially completed”, at which point your project goes from “in-production” to “under warranty”.
    • We field a lot of questions about requiring final payment at this time, and not after completion of a client punch list...so...here is the explanation:The project is 'substantially complete' when it is safe to use and can be turned back over to you for your enjoyment - at which point we will perform a final clean up and move out of your way, removing trucks, trailers, dumpsters, porta johns, etc., returning you to your normal life and giving you access to the remodeled areas of the home for your enjoyment. 

      This is typically signified by approved closing of the building permits from the County or Town public safety officials. 

      At this time your project will go into Warranty status. Your Warranty is typically going to extend for 3 years. The Warranty guidelines are published and are nationally accepted standards (and available on request - they are delivered on a flash drive at the completion of the project.)

      To be very clear, honest and transparent, there will very likely be an issue or two that remain after substantial completion. They are usually related to minor things like a cabinet door that was damaged in shipping and needs to be re-ordered or a cabinet pull that is out of stock, (note that it might take a few weeks to receive these parts ) or maybe a paint blemish or maybe a toilet that is noticed to run after going into service. None of those are things that we can allow to hold up a final payment. 

      For these reasons and to honor our warranty, we require payment in full at substantial completion, which may be prior to us returning to complete some warranty or punch list items. After receipt of said final payment...we will take care of anything necessary within our warranty guidelines for 3 years - no questions asked and at our expense, with smiles on our faces and a spring in our step. 

      We realize that this requires you to trust us, so our goal is to establish this trust up front.

We acknowledge that what we have listed above is a large amount of information, however, our goal is to set a clear expectation for all parties prior to entering any contractual arrangement. We are happy to answer any questions about any of these requirements of our process, which is usually done by sharing an anecdote about something that has gone wrong at some point in our company history, We also acknowledge that we are not perfect nor do we intend to be, however, if we follow our process we can provide the best possible service to our clients.

Assuming that you (the client) are agreeable to all of the mutual expectation guidelines, then by signing the Design Agreement, you are deciding to trust us in our process.

Woohoo! We know you will be happy with your decision!

This is awesome and also means that we are trusting you and have every intention of building you a successful project!

Signing of the Design Agreement and Terms of Service along with receipt of the Non-Refundable Design Agreement Fee reserves your project slot in our master construction schedule.



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