K. Fedewa Builders Design Build Process



Construction/Production Phase

The fun part! The trucks, equipment, trailers, dumpsters, porta john, and workers descend upon your home! Progress is imminent! 

We know that this is a time of high anxiety for you, however we want you to trust us and know that we are professionals and equipped to be sensitive to your concerns and to provide the best possible outcome for all of us who are collaborating on this project. In other words...there is no need to worry...we do this everyday and have been planning this for quite some time using a systemized process!

The first project invoice is due at the time of project start. This amount will vary depending on project type and construction schedule, but can also be expected to be in the 10-25% range of the total project cost. Demo and sitework commence. 

Daily communication is managed through our project management system, which keeps you and all of us at K. Fedewa Builders informed as to what is going on and able to assist if needed. Our project manager will keep you up to date with next steps on the project and will update our production schedule as needed for your reference.

Progress payments are scheduled in advance to correspond to the construction schedule, however invoice dates and amounts will change based on the actual construction schedule or any changes in scope of work or selections that impact allowance values remaining at the time of contract signing. You will be kept informed of invoice dates and all pertinent project financials through our project management system.

If applicable, K. Fedewa Builders will manage obtaining construction draws from your lender and meeting their requirements for title work and documentation as needed. This is the primary reason that K. Fedewa Builders requires you to disclose lending requirements and must approve your lender prior to designing or building your project. We have a large network of community banks to recommend that are pre-approved by K. Fedewa Builders and provide many competitive products and options for our clients.

K. Fedewa Builders will be responsible to direct the work and all material orders and delivery schedules and be responsible for the work area, including daily tidying of the site.

The client will be responsible for making payments and decisions as required by K. Fedewa Builders to keep the project moving, and to make themselves available to do walk throughs of the constructed areas as needed. 

K. Fedewa Builders also sets a client expectation that all questions or concerns regarding the project are directed to the K. Fedewa Builders project manager or to our team via the project management system, K. Fedewa Builders will address your questions or concerns as necessary.

As we reviewed earlier, the Final Payment is due at ‘substantial completion’ of the project, which signifies the transition in our process from ‘in production’ to ‘under warranty’. At this time you go back to your normal life, with access to your remodeled areas that are now ready for use, safe and clean and free from daily construction activities.

If pertinent, the K. Fedewa Builders project manager will present a list of any open or ‘punch work’ warranty items that are known at the time of substantial completion. A comprehensive review of this list and explanation of the planned resolution to each item will be reviewed with you at this time.

Final payment is required at this time, which may be prior to completion of these warranty items.



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