K. Fedewa Builders Design Build Process




The qualification process is mutual...are we a good fit to work together? Can we meet your expectations and vice versa? During this phase of the process we are going to explore your goals and needs and generally get to know each other prior to working together. 

The key to this phase is honest and open communication between all parties and to develop a mutual sense of trust. The first step is usually a phone conversation where we are going to capture as much information about you and your project as possible via questions geared to uncover: 

  • General overview and location of your project
  • Your wish list, problems that need to be solved and special features or requirements
  • Identifying all decision makers and stakeholders that will be involved in the process
  • Capturing information about your home value and age
  • Identifying your budget or desired investment range and understanding how you may have come up with those numbers
  • Gaining an understanding of your financing requirements for the project
  • Determining where you feel that you are in the process of selecting a builder and how you feel about our process (which you are reading now)
  • Discovering where you are with developing plans or sketches or even if have you attempted this previously
    • How did you come up with these ideas or plans?
    • What were the client wishes that were solved with these plans?
    • Was there a budget considered while developing these plans?
  • What were your previous experiences with builders like and what were the good and bad things about those experiences?
  • What is your timeline and do you have scheduling constraints?
  • Do you have other concerns or requirements related to the design or construction process?
  • After reading this summary of our process, do you feel as though K. Fedewa Builders would be a good fit for your project? Discuss amongst yourselves! 🙂 We are here to help!

We ask these questions so that we can understand your needs and offer our professional consultation and assistance in getting you to a solution that is attainable. Our commitment to you is that we will be completely transparent and honest with you as we go through this discussion.

  • If we cannot meet your schedule requirements we will be honest about what we can do and what you should expect from K. Fedewa Builders
  • If we feel that your budget range is off we will tell you what we think and why and will offer some industry information about typical project costs or similar projects that we have completed
  • If we feel as though the project is not a good fit for what we do, we will be open and honest about that and will try to point you in the right direction
  • If you need financing we will recommend some options based on our experience and also explain our requirements to approve your lender before proceeding
  • If we do not feel that we can satisfy any of your needs (all of which we are trying to uncover) we will be open and honest about that in our discussion

Our only requirement is that we receive open and honest communication in response and that your specific needs are identified and addressed.

If it seems like a good fit for both parties, we will propose the next step for you to consider... 



Don't take any chances with your new construction project!
Follow the example of many homeowners in your community and take full advantage of the proven expertise
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To arrange for a consultation in the comfort of your own home, send an email using the form below with details about your project and what you are looking to achieve. If you prefer to call and speak to us in person, the number is 517-388-6123. No matter how your get in touch, we are standing by to help you realize your home improvement or new construction plans.

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