K. Fedewa Builders Design Build Process


Welcome! Since you are reading this we assume that you are in the market for a Home Improvement project or looking to build a new home and are wondering if K. Fedewa Builders would be a good fit for you. We generated this content to help our community and our prospective clients understand the way that we do business and to help determine if there is a good fit between K. Fedewa Builders and the way we work and the needs and requirements of our prospective clients, whatever those may be.

We realize that our process may not be the best fit for everyone; we acknowledge this and our goal is to determine if there is compatibility as early in the process as possible.

Note that this process summary is geared towards our remodeling clients, but the process for our new construction clients is very similar. In a nutshell, the process steps are:

  • Initial inquiry/contact
  • Mutual Qualification process - typically a first phone call interview
  • On-site Consultation to discuss your project and our process more in depth
  • Entering into a Design Agreement (DA), which will accurately develop and price your project (there is a fee associated with this - explained below)
    • Note that we will also review K. Fedewa Builder's Terms of Service and Mutual Expectations from both parties prior to entering any Agreements.
  • Entering into a Construction Agreement, with a final, fixed price to perform a documented scope of work
  • Pre-Construction Activities
  • Project Construction/Production
  • Project Warranty



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To arrange for a consultation in the comfort of your own home, send an email using the form below with details about your project and what you are looking to achieve. If you prefer to call and speak to us in person, the number is 517-388-6123. No matter how your get in touch, we are standing by to help you realize your home improvement or new construction plans.

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