7 Reasons to Add a 4-Seasons Room to Your Home

Beautiful four-seasons room in Bath, MI from K. Fedewa Builders

Adding a four-seasons room to your home can be a transformative upgrade. Not only does it enhance your living space, but it also provides a versatile area for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with the outdoors. Let’s explore into some reasons why you should consider this delightful home addition. 1. All Four Seasons, All the Time…

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Unlock the Perks of a New Garage or Pole Barn with K. Fedewa Builders

A stunningly beautiful barn-style wedding venue built by K. Fedewa Builders

When it comes to enhancing your property, few investments offer as much versatility and value as a well-designed garage or pole barn. Whether you need extra storage space, a workshop, or a functional out-building, K. Fedewa Builders has you covered. In this article, we’ll explore seven compelling reasons why a new garage or pole barn…

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Creating a Timeless Kitchen: Classic Design Elements That Never Go Out of Style

Incredible Bath, MI Kitchen Remodel from K. Fedewa Builders with dark wood cabinets on the bottom, white upper cabinets, a white countertop, light wood flooring, and stools on the left at a large island.

The kitchen is a space where functionality should meet aesthetics. While trends come and go, certain design elements remain timeless, transcending decades and fads. At K. Fedewa Builders, we strive to ensure our kitchen styles last the test of time while also incorporating elements unique to our clients. In this article, we’ll delve into classic…

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Announcing the K. Fedewa Builders Refresh Program

Lansing kitchen refreshed by K. Fedewa Builders

Ready for a home makeover without the hassle of major construction? Discover the K. Fedewa Builders Refresh Program! Our expert team is here to bring your vision to life, ensuring quality and care within your budget. Say goodbye to the stress of structural changes and hello to a revitalized space that reflects your style. Why…

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Transform Your Bathroom, Embrace Independence: Age-in-Place with Style!

St Johns Accessible Barrier Free Bathroom from K Fedewa Builders

Aging-in-place is a popular trend among seniors who prefer to live in their homes for as long as possible. Remodeling your home to accommodate accessible and barrier-free living can be a great way to ensure that you can continue to live independently and safely. Here are some bathroom remodeling options and benefits to consider: Aging-in-Place…

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Top Ways to Refresh Your Home Today for Less Than a Full Remodel

Close-up of white countertop, white cabinets, brushed nickel faucet, white backsplash, and stainless steel dishwasher.

Home renovations can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. The allure of a complete remodel often clashes with the reality of budget constraints. But fear not! K. Fedewa Builders is here to show you that you don’t need to break the bank for a home makeover. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into ten smart ways…

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Add Storage and Organization to Your Home in Your Next Remodel or Addition

Large den addition with white built-in shelving and window seat, along with massive windows letting in sunlight.

In the ever-evolving landscape of home design, functionality and organization play a pivotal role. As homeowners, we crave spaces that not only look beautiful but also serve our practical needs. Whether you’re planning a remodel or an addition, consider how K. Fedewa Builders can transform your living spaces by adding smart storage solutions. From decluttering…

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Basement Remodeling Ideas for Different Purposes and Styles

Williamston, MI basement remodel with light blue walls, a white fireplace, light grey vinyl flooring, and some furniture.

A basement is a versatile space that can be transformed into various types of rooms, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you want to create a cozy family room, a functional home office, a luxurious guest suite, a workout area, or a fun game room, you can find plenty of basement remodeling ideas…

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In today’s economy and market, why is remodeling a smarter investment than buying a house?

Rendering of what a new garage addition and carport will look like

If you’re feeling cramped or dissatisfied with your current home, you might be wondering whether you should remodel it or move to a new one. While both options have their pros and cons, remodeling might be a smarter investment than buying a house in today’s economy and market. Here are some reasons why: Remodeling can…

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Why is Fall a Great Time to Remodel Your House?

Owosso Michigan Addition Roofing and Siding

Fall is a wonderful season to enjoy the beauty of nature, but it’s also a great time to make some improvements to your home. Whether you want to update your kitchen, bathroom, basement, outdoor space, or garage, fall offers some advantages over other seasons for remodeling. There are many reasons why fall is a great…

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