Top Benefits of Adding an Owner’s Suite to Your House

You’ve had a long day pulling double-duty at the office, shuttling kids between events, and making sure everyone is cared for. At the end of the day, you need a place to go and relax. You need an owner’s suite. Whether you call it a master suite, primary suite, or owner’s suite, this area of the home should be your oasis.

Many new homes include an owner’s suite in their designs, but older homes around the Lansing area didn’t include this luxury. So, you’ll need to add an owner’s suite to your house either on its own, or as a larger home addition. Read on to see the benefits of adding a true owner’s suite to your home over just having the master bedroom you currently enjoy now.

St. Johns, MI Master Bedroom Suite Addition

A master suite can add some much-needed square footage and privacy to your home. The typical owner’s suite adds several hundred square feet of additional living space to your home. This extra space generally includes the bedroom itself along with an ensuite bathroom, large walk-in closet, and possibly even a sitting area. All of this additional space is designed with comfort and privacy in mind.

The additional privacy that comes with a new primary suite is especially helpful if your family is expanding. As a family expands, whether it be with additional children, older children moving back in, or aging parents and relatives, extra living space becomes more vital. Without having private places to retreat to, animosity can arise. Plus, who doesn’t just want their own special place to go and get away from everyone else?

Along with having additional sleeping space with a new master bedroom, having an extra bathroom is a luxury that you will quickly love. There will be no more standing in line for the bathroom as everyone gets ready for work and school in the morning or gets ready for bed at night. The added time you may gain from having this luxury bathroom right in your room might even let you sleep in longer in the morning. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s mess, just yours! Let us add luxury to your life by planning and designing a spa-like bathroom that melts away stress and sets your mind right.

St. Johns MI Dual Vanity Bathroom
St. Johns MI Walk-In Shower

When you’re getting ready in your new master suite, you need a massive walk-in closet to store and find your entire wardrobe. Having piles of clothes and items hanging everywhere in your room is a thing of the past with the walk-in closet you deserve. Your closet can be more than just a place to store your clothes, shoes, and other aspects of your wardrobe. Your closet can be a private dressing room complete with a huge cabinet in the middle for storing accessories such as belts, shoes, watches, and jewelry while also providing a massive surface to fold freshly laundered clothes. The laundered clothes could come right from your in-closet washer and dryer.

St. Johns MI Closet Laundry Room

Finally, by adding a sitting area in your new owner’s suite, you have a place all to yourself. Sit and read a book in peace and quiet. Watch a movie with your spouse while the rest of the family takes over the main living room. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a relaxing glass of wine snuggled up on your own private couch in front of a private fireplace. Whatever you want out of a private sitting area, adding one to a new primary suite addition can make it a reality.

By having K. Fedewa Builders build an incredible owner’s suite addition onto your home, you can start living in a luxurious and comfortable new space. Before we start, we’ll help you determine your needs and consider your lifestyle and budget. Our experienced design team will help you plan the perfect master suite for you along with a spa-like bathroom, massive walk-in closet, and even a sitting room for the perfect place to start or end your day.

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Article by David Glaeser