Top 7 Reasons for an Addition

Top 7 Reasons for an Addition - Grand Ledge Addition for Aging Parent

By definition, home additions add additional room to your home. New home additions bring you more space, increase the value of your home, and increase the usability of your home. It’s obvious, people want an addition for more space. What this space is used for depends on the family. Your addition could add extra bedrooms, a home office, expand your kitchen, add another bathroom, and more. With that, here are seven of the top reasons for a home addition that we’ve run into over the years.


  1. Add Another Bedroom

Do you have a growing family but a house with a limited number of bedrooms? It’s time to add another bedroom for the newest addition on the way. Or, maybe you’ve had your kids bunking together in shared rooms for years and now they need their own rooms so you can keep your sanity. Even still, maybe you just want a guest room for the holidays. At K. Fedewa Builders, we can give you that extra bedroom with an addition off your first floor or add a dormer off your second floor. Whichever way is best, we’ll walk you through the design and planning ensuring the new bedroom is the right size and contains the right storage, HVAC, and electrical.


  1. Create a Master Suite

It’s time to have the luxury suite you deserve. If you’re happy with your master bedroom, let us make it a true suite by adding a massive, luxury bathroom ensuite and a walk-in closet that could be mistaken for another bedroom. Or, turn your existing master bedroom into a guest room and add a brand new master suite entirely. Work with our knowledgeable designers to add the bedroom suite of your dreams. You know you’ve seen the luxury suites on HGTV that have made you drool wishing you had a closet with endless shoe racks, jewelry drawers, and more while having a spa-like bathroom. Whatever you can dream, we can create.


  1. Space for an Aging Parent

We all know that as we age, it gets a little harder to do things for ourselves. As much as we don’t want to see our parents decline, we also don’t want to see them struggle to live alone. Adding an addition to your home for mom or dad can give them the freedom and independence they still want and crave while giving you the peace of mind of having them close by for safety. We can add an entire living space for your parent with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and anything else you’d like. Mom or dad could enjoy a private entrance too, as an exterior door can give them access to the backyard, garage, or driveway. By creating this type of addition, you can also ensure ease-of-access into the addition with ramps or barrier-free entry, as well as making the bathroom more accessible with complete walk-in showers and give them the perfect kitchen layout. Besides the safety factor, bringing an aging parent into your home allows for many more years of terrific memories.


  1. Create a Teen Hangout

Let’s face it, teenagers can be loud and rowdy, and sometimes you just need some space from them. Give them their own place to hang out, destroy/enjoy, and separate themselves from you. A teen hangout could include a living room with couches, chairs, and entertainment centers. They could even include their own kitchen so that they have a fridge full of pop, sports drinks, and water while also having a microwave to enjoy some popcorn, hot pretzel, or frozen burritos. Let the teens play their music loud and their video games long into the night with their own space today.


  1. Add a Laundry Room and Mudroom

Most older homes didn’t come with laundry rooms or mudrooms on their main floors. Laundry was often a staple in the basement. In today’s modern living, families want a laundry room on their main living floor to make taking care of everyday laundry needs easier and quicker. Modern-day families also desire mudrooms for everyone to drop their coats, backpacks, sports gear, and dirty shoes. Many times, these two rooms are combined into a new addition. Whatever your needs, K. Fedewa Builders can bring your home up to today’s standards.


  1. Expand Your Kitchen

Tired of eating your cereal over the stove while the kids clutch their bowls around a two-person kitchen table above the dog waiting for scrapes to fall? Has your family expanded and your outdated and undersized kitchen not serving your family well enough? Then it’s time to add an addition to your home that includes a brand-new, gigantic, and luxurious new kitchen that has everything you want…a massive island with seating, farmhouse sink, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and more. We’ve completed hundreds of new kitchens over the years in the Greater Lansing area and can add your dream kitchen to your home today.


  1. Simply Add Additional Space

Obviously, the whole point of an addition is to add additional space to your home. Maybe you need another bathroom, or the kids have taken over the living room and you need a retreat for the adults. Do you have hobbies? Add a craft room, a place to work on RC vehicles, or even a woodshop. Over the last few years, working from home has exploded, so use an addition to add a new office or two.

Whatever your needs end up being, additions expand your home while increasing the quality of your life. Give yourself more room to enjoy living, working on hobbies, cooking, or taking care of loved ones. When you’re ready to add an addition to your home, contact the design experts of K. Fedewa Builders at 517-388-6123 or visit our website at

Article written by David M. Glaeser Jr.

*Note: This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided in this article is for general guidance and should not replace professional advice. Always consult with experts, such as those at K. Fedewa Builders, before making any home modifications.*