The Basic Options of Creating a Sunroom

Once considered available only to the ultra-wealthy, the sunroom is now a popular addition to almost any family that loves spending time outdoors, entertaining friends and prolonging the warm season. From allowing parties on a relaxing weekend to moments watching the sun as it sets in the distance, spending time in a sunny room can allow you to mentally and emotionally recharge. If you are curious about what to look for when building a sunroom addition on your home, here are some of the basic options available to you.

  • Screened Areas

If you want your outdoor area to be versatile, but you still want to keep the price low, the screened sunroom is the style for you. The outer walls are constructed of a mesh material that allows airflow but keeps the pesky insects at bay. If your weather patterns allow for harsh winds or torrential rains, you may want one of the other options available to make the room more usable for longer.

  • Knee Walls

Knee walls are made from materials that create solid walls up to knee height and are topped with windows clear to the ceiling. If you have window panes in the sunroom addition that open and close to allow airflow and breezes, the area can be quite pleasant during hot summer months.

  • Solariums

Solidly build walls that are fully insulated create the conservatories and solariums for use almost year-round. Easily heated and often glass-enclosed, this type of sunroom is considered an addition to your home and requires a permit and inspections during construction. If you want to use the room all year long, this is the type of room for you.

Before you contact your contractor to discuss the building project, make sure you know what you want. However, your building contractor may know what projects are allowed in your area, so make sure you check with him or her before you set your heart on a sunroom addition design.