Our client in St. John's sought to transform her main bathroom into a space that not only meets today's modern standards but also exudes a clean, crisp, and cheerful atmosphere. The renovation was approached with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the end result would be a harmonious blend of relaxation and contemporary style.

The result of this comprehensive remodel is a main bathroom that our client in St. John's can proudly call her own—a space that is not only up-to-date with modern trends, but also a personal haven of cheerfulness and tranquility.

Out with the Old

The first step in the renovation process was to strip the bathroom of its dated elements:

  • Tiles: The cream-colored tiles that once lined the walls and floors were removed, paving the way for a brighter palette.
  • Cabinetry: Dark oak cabinets that made the space feel enclosed were taken out, making room for a more modern design.
  • Bathtub: The existing bathtub was replaced to accommodate a more streamlined and accessible shower area.
  • Wallpaper: The old wallpaper was peeled away, symbolizing a fresh start and the promise of a transformed space.


In with the New

With the old elements cleared out, we introduced sleek, modern fixtures and features:

  • Toilet & Vanity: A pristine white toilet and vanity were installed, instantly refreshing the room's aesthetic.
  • Mirror & Lighting: A new mirror was set in place, flanked by lighting fixtures that cast a warm, inviting glow throughout the space.


A Shower Without Barriers

The centerpiece of the remodel was the walk-in shower, designed for ease of access and maintenance:

  • Shower Surround: A white shower surround was chosen for its clean look and ease of cleaning.
  • Arched Shower Rod: To enhance the sense of spaciousness, an arched shower rod was installed, providing ample room to move and shower comfortably.

Before Photos

After Photos


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