First Floor Remodel: Blending History with Modern Comfort

Our clients in Lansing envisioned a first-floor remodel that would honor the history of their 1900-built three-bedroom home while updating it to meet modern standards. The project's scope was ambitious, aiming to transform the shared spaces and enhance the functionality of the home.

Through thoughtful design and careful execution, the remodel successfully brought a piece of Lansing's history into the modern age, providing the homeowners with a space that is both beautiful and highly functional.

Kitchen and Bathroom Transformation

The heart of the remodel was the kitchen and the sole bathroom, which previously served as a shared space with doors between the kitchen and the master bedroom:

  • Kitchen Overhaul: The outdated kitchen was completely removed to make way for a contemporary design.
  • Bathroom Conversion: The existing full bath was converted into a 3/4-bath, featuring a stand-up shower instead of the old bathtub and shower combo.


Space Reconfiguration

To achieve the desired layout, strategic structural changes were made:

  • Expanded Footprint: The full bath's footprint was expanded into the kitchen area, then divided to create two distinct spaces.
  • New ¾ Bathroom: This new space was outfitted with matching cabinets to the kitchen, a fresh countertop, and dark hardwood-look flooring that extended throughout the kitchen and pantry.


Cohesive Design Elements

The remodel was characterized by a seamless design that flowed from one area to the next:

  • Cabinetry and Countertops: Both the new ¾ bathroom and the kitchen featured cabinets in a harmonious style, with countertops that complemented each other.
  • Flooring and Paint: The dark hardwood-look flooring and new paint color were consistent throughout the kitchen, pantry, and bathroom, creating a unified look.


Master Ensuite Creation

A portion of the remodel was dedicated to crafting a true master ensuite for the homeowners:

  • Full-Bath Addition: By utilizing space from the large master bedroom, a full-bath complete with matching kitchen cabinets, granite countertop, and tile flooring was created.
  • Design Continuity: The new bathroom maintained the design language of the kitchen, with similar lighting, paint, and trim work.


Kitchen Finishing Touches

The kitchen itself received a stunning makeover:

  • Two-Tone Wood Cabinets: The cabinets were chosen for their visual impact and functionality.
  • New Sink and Faucet: Modern fixtures were installed to enhance usability.
  • Open Entryway: The entry from the kitchen to the family room was widened, fostering a more open and welcoming environment.

Before Photos


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