Key Benefits of Using a Design Build Team for Your Remodel


At some point, you might consider remodeling your home. While coming up with a budget is a great starting point, the scope of a remodeling project goes far beyond simple handyman repairs. A professional design build team is not out of reach for most people and can save you time and money down the road. After all, this is your home and you want the changes to match your dreams.

Four Stages

Most contractors use four stages to create the design for the remodel. Schematic design looks at all the physical features of the home and incorporates your needs and goals using a computer-generated design. Upon approval, all the paperwork and permits are obtained in the design development stage. Final paperwork and design drawings are completed in the construction documents stage. The production phase is when you start to see the design go into practice and construction begin.

Project Management

One of the key benefits of hiring a design build team is project management. Instead of you focusing on which contractor is supposed to do what when, you can allow a professional to manage the team of contractors, ensure the materials are delivered on time and keep the project on schedule.

Regular Communication

Relying on a contractor to communicate the status of a project can be a challenge. A professional can handle the contractors and keep you informed of every step of the process. They ask you questions before anything gets started to address any questions or concerns you have. Then they are available until completion to coordinate and communicate with you. If you notice a problem, the professional gives you one person to call and then they sort it out for you.

Using a design build professional team to do your remodel can keep the project on target for cost and time. The many benefits from permit acquisition to coordinating the project can take the burden of management off your shoulders.