How To Measure for Bathroom Tile

One of the major portions of bathroom remodeling is getting the right tile. Now you may have picked your tile out and know exactly what you want, but then the question becomes how many tiles do you need. Even if you are hiring a tile company, it is a good idea to have an estimate of how much it will take.

Find the Area

You find the area of your bathroom by measuring the length and width of the floor. This will give you the area of the floor. If the length of your room is six feet and the width is three feet, your total area for your floor will be 18 square feet. If you have a tub, then you will need to subtract the area for the tub. 

So, if your tub for your bathroom remodeling project is two feet by three feet, then your tiled area will be 18 feet minus six feet. So you will need 12 feet of tile.

Now things get a bit more complicated. If you are tiling walls as well as the floor, you will need to take the measurements for the area of your walls and add it to the measurements for the floor. 

Divide the Total Area by the Area of a Single Tile

This calculation will depend on what size tile you are getting. If you are getting 12 inch or one-foot square tiles, the equation for the amount of tile you will need will look like this:

Total area to be tiled / size of tile = amount of tile or in this example 12 feet / 1 foot = 12 tiles.

Add 10 Percent

You will always need to add 10% more materials for any project. This is to account for waste, accidents or broken tiles. Many contractors will build this 10% into the price of your tile. Always round up to be sure you purchase enough tile.

A bathroom remodeling project is a wonderful addition to your home, but you could end up with too little or too much if you do not measure your tile correctly. It is always best to measure right the first time.