Hiring a Professional When Building a New Deck


A well-built deck can instantly transform the backyard space of any home. Whether you use your deck for family get-togethers or as your own personal retreat, you want the reassurance that the structure is sound. Deck construction is a complex process, and the consequences of improper installation can be catastrophic, especially if the deck is elevated higher off the ground. A professional carpenter knows the pitfalls to consider and can ensure that the new structure is a winner.


There are building codes to consider before you construct any additional feature onto your home. Whether your deck needs a safety railing will depend on the height of the deck, but even a short fall can ruin the night for any party guest. Railings also make the deck look more complete, so it’s a good idea to include one regardless.


The support system that goes into deck construction involves choosing the proper size for the joists and knowing how far apart to space them. The piece that attaches your new deck to your home is called the ledger board, and poor installation of this key component can lead to disaster. Regardless of how sturdy the wooden structure may seem, if the posts aren’t supported into the ground, it may wind up collapsing after a short period of time. Concrete footings give support posts a strong base and ground them into the earth so they’re more permanent.


Rebuilding an existing deck may be fairly simple with a base structure already in place, but when it comes to building your home’s first deck from scratch, you’re much better off consulting an expert. A trained professional knows the potential challenges of deck construction, so they’ll know how to prepare the ground prior to installation, as well as how to address unexpected problems. You’ll end up with a solidly-built structure that can add value to both your home and your lifestyle.