10 Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips – Part 2

10 Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips from K. Fedewa Builders - Part 2


So, you’ve studied your existing kitchen, planned out your new one, set a budget and timeline for the remodel, and decided on cabinetry and an island. You’ve also seen the designer kitchens on HGTV shows, now make your kitchen TV worthy with K. Fedewa Builders designers and kitchen remodelers. Take your plans, and the designer touches you’ve been seeing on TV, and turn your boring kitchen into today’s modern standard. Utilize vibrant paint, colorful cabinets, gold accents, statement backsplashes, or unexpected range hoods. Now, it’s time to decide on all of the exciting and eye-catching touches with the second part of our series, with ten more helpful kitchen remodeling tips from K. Fedewa Builders:


  1. Flooring – Tile or Laminate over Wood

Wood floors are beautiful. They really are. But they don’t belong in a kitchen. The natural beauty of a hardwood floor is unbeatable, but this natural texture scratches, dents, and wears hard under kitchen conditions. Luckily, there are so many incredible wood-look tiles on the market that are easy-to-clean, stain-proof, and life-proof. One thing to keep in mind though is that although the tile may not stain, the grout often does.

An additional drawback to porcelain tile floors is that things break easily when they fall onto them. Again, lucky for all of us, there are beautiful new luxury vinyl and laminate alternatives on the market. Besides offering either fun patterns or that classic wood-look, luxury vinyl flooring and laminates are soft and forgiving to dropped items. Plus, these types of flooring are waterproof and super durable. Unlike tile floors, there is no grout that can get stains or crack. Remember, it makes much more sense to prevent that red-wine stain on your kitchen floor by choosing the right material rather than placing a random rug in the middle of your kitchen.


  1. Countertops – Go with Quartz

Granite and marble countertops are beautiful, but they can stain and absorb liquids. Homeowners need to seal porous granite surfaces routinely. Without proper maintenance, granite and marble countertops can absorb juice, oil, wine, and other liquids that can be impossible to remove while also growing bacteria. Marble countertops can also scratch through regular usage. On the other hand, quartz is a manmade material that looks like natural stone without the drawbacks. Quartz is virtually stain-proof, scratch-proof, and even chip-proof. Plus, it never needs to be sealed. Because of the numerous benefits, quartz has passed granite countertops as a kitchen design choice.


  1. Appliance Quality and Style

Stainless steel appliances are everywhere these days. They offer durability, improved hygiene, and style. Stainless steel appliances withstand extreme hot and cold while also offering easy cleanup if something spills on your burners or stovetop. However, not every stainless steel is the same and neither are appliance manufacturers. Before purchasing any appliance, do your research by reading reviews online and looking at them in-person at stores such as Ferguson or Bekins. Ensure the appliance feels like quality to you and fulfills the functions you need, while also hitting the level of style you want. If you don’t feel like stainless steel is the right choice, don’t worry, black is still a big option. In fact, black appliances are still stylish while often being cheaper than stainless steel.


  1. Stylish Backsplashes

One of the most exciting ways to add extra personality to your kitchen is a tile backsplash. There are countless backsplash options on the market today. Choose between classic porcelain tile, stunning marble, exciting colorful glass, crisp quartz, and more. It doesn’t matter whether your style is classic and neutral, modern and clean, or eclectic and outrageous, a backsplash completes the look. Go simple and only cover the area around the stove to help with easy cleanup after cooking. Go bold and carry the backsplash across the whole countertop and all the way up to the ceiling. Either way, statement backsplashes such as geometric, Moroccan, Spanish-themed, glass, or classic white make your kitchen pop.


  1. Hot Range Hoods

Many times, during a kitchen remodel, people forget about proper ventilation. The range in your kitchen needs a hood. If you go with an industrial range, you need to go with a heavy-duty range hood. In today’s kitchens, hot range hoods often steal the show as the centerpiece and focal point. If you have a stovetop in your kitchen island, install an unbelievable island hood. If you don’t have cabinets above the sides of your stove, consider a chimney-style range hood that gives insanely cool architectural detail to your kitchen. When there are cabinets flanking the sides above your range, go with a mantel-style hood that ties in classic living elements. Bring the drama and excitement with your range hood by choosing the material that fits your style: stainless steel, stone, wood, tile, vibrant colors, and more. If these types of range hoods aren’t your style, consider a concealed one that is visibly subtle yet highly functional.


  1. Paint and Preparation are Essential

Painting a kitchen can be fun, but proper prep is key. Ensure that you cover and tape everything extremely well. Fill in any holes in the walls, sand those and any other uneven spots smooth, and caulk all seams. Choose the right paint sheen finish. Go with eggshell on walls for easy cleanup, satin for painted cabinets, and semi-gloss on all trim. As for the ceiling, flat is typically a good call to avoid any sheen but opt for the eggshell if you’d like some shininess. As for colors, go with light colors in a small kitchen. This will make the space feel larger rather than dark colors that make any space feel “closed-in”. One great thing about wall paint is that it can be one of the easiest aspects of your kitchen to change when you feel like it. Because it is such a large part of your kitchen, it has a huge impact when you do change it up. You can also paint cabinets, such as the island or upper and lower cabinets, different colors to add significant style.


  1. Lighting is Vital

Lighting is a huge yet often overlooked aspect of a kitchen redesign. Having the right lighting in your kitchen helps create an inviting and welcoming space while also helping make it more useful. By using the right lighting in your kitchen, you can create a safer and cleaner environment for you, your family, and your guests. Utilize a combination of recessed lighting, pendants, and even chandeliers for your kitchen’s general lighting. Accent lighting such as decorative pieces or display lighting installed inside a glass-front china cabinet creates visual appeal. Under cabinet lighting helps make meal‐prep easier, while also making your kitchen look amazing. All of the above are available in energy-saving, long-lasting LED lighting options. Using LED lighting in your kitchen also helps reveal true colors better, helping in cooking and prep, while also reducing the unnecessary heat created by incandescent and halogen lighting. Sometimes, it’s the simple touches like these that make the most difference.


  1. Quality Faucets and Sinks

The kitchen sink is probably one of the hardest-working aspects of any house. Kitchen faucets are used to wash hands, dishes, and food. They then fill glasses, pots, and bowls. You must choose a quality faucet for your kitchen that will last for many years. Choose between the standard two-handle style, a single-handle model, or even a touch style. Just like the other hardware touches in your kitchen, there are plenty of styles and finishes to choose from. As for the sink, we recommend going as large as you can, roughly only about 10 inches deep though to avoid over-bending while washing dishes. While you’re at it, make it a single basin. These large, open sinks allow you to fit large pots and pans with ease, stack more dirty dishes, wash a baby, or let your kid test their new mask and snorkel.


  1. Handles, Knobs, and Other Touches

Shiny and exciting accents grab attention in every direction. Add some splashes of gold or brass wherever you would normally have chrome, such as handles, pulls, knobs, light fixtures, and even the faucet. This type of hardware can elevate your kitchen to a level you didn’t expect. Whether you go with the gold, warm-toned bronze, silver, or black, you also must choose between different finishes. You could choose matte black to have an ultra-modern look, champagne bronze to go high-end, brushed nickel for a classic look, or shiny chrome for ease of cleaning and timeless style. Besides the finish, there are plenty of shapes to choose from for your knobs, handles, and pulls. From round, square, or even triangle, to modern bars, crystal, or even seashell shapes, there are hundreds of styles to choose from.


  1. Soften the Space

Add some soft elements to your kitchen to cut down on the harsh, cold steel and stone. Have a banquette? Choose some soft and colorful fabric to both soften the space and add a pop of color. Do the same with accent pillows on the banquette. Seat cushions are just as customizable and are even easier to change seasonally or on a whim. Use a vibrant fabric tablecloth to bring in a large element that counteracts the kitchen island’s countertop. Houseplants always bring warmth and life to a kitchen too. We don’t just mean soften the space with fabrics, bring art into the kitchen too. Go crazy with pictures on your wall to add character that no quartz or faucet can match.


So, now that you’re well informed and ready to get your kitchen remodeled, it’s time to make your friends jealous. A kitchen from K. Fedewa Builders will do that for you. We have design professionals on staff as well as work with trade-partner showrooms so that we can help you put your dream kitchen remodel together from the start. Using bold choices and high‐end finishes will make their jaws drop while shiny and exciting accents grab their attention in every direction. Call us today at 517‐388‐6123 or explore our website at https://kfedewabuilders.com.


Article written by David Glaeser Jr.